I am a digital designer based in the Boston area. I was born and raised in the North Shore of Massachusetts. At Liberty University in Virginia I studied graphic design and photography. I have worked for over 4 years as a graphic designer and have recently studied user interface and experience design. I love music and anything involved with it. I play a couple instruments but mostly the guitar. This past year I built my own from scratch. I enjoy the process of learning how to make things and then doing it with my own hands.
The beach is one of my favorite places. Whether it is one of the beaches near my house or somewhere far away, I can always count on having a good time. When the ocean allows it, I try to get out and surf. There aren't many waves near me but I try and make the most of it! Photography is another one of my hobbies. Whenever I am able to I take my camera out and take photographs.
I can't leave out Cali, my dog. I may be biased but I think she is one of the most beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs you will ever see!
That's a little bit about me and my hobbies. As a graphic designer with UX/UI skills I bring a strong sense of creativity and have a good eye for visual design. One of my strengths is problem solving. Whether design related or not, I am good at breaking down problems into pieces and looking for the best solution. I am currently looking for a full time design position either in the Boston area or remote. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking!
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